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My Promise to You

I have been a chiropractor for nearly 30 years!

Windsor Chriopractor

Dr. Mitchell Grandi makes a promise to all of his patients.

In all of those years I have treated every patient as I would a member of my family. I do not sell vitamins or special shoes or weight loss programs. I do not scare you with how bad the x-rays look and then try to sell a 6 to 9 month package of visits. I am not a salesman. I am a spine expert. And I have been only a spine expert for nearly 30 years. I will do everything in my ability to provide you with the most honest and best possible chiropractic care.

When you first come into my office, we will talk and I will carefully examine your back.

  • If I believe I cannot help your condition, I will tell you.
  • If I honestly believe I can help you, we will get started right away.
  • I will realistically tell you what to expect; this is not a miracle cure, but you should begin to feel improvement reasonably soon.
  • As you continue to improve, you will need less and less visits.
  • Once you are healed, I will tell you not to make another appointment, but to call my office if you start to hurt again.
  • My last promise: I will treat you as I would want to be treated.

If you would like to learn more about what has to offer you, call Windsor Family Chiropractic today!

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