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Success Stories From Our Patients

Shoulder Injury

I suffered a major injury to my left shoulder that made it almost impossible for me to type. I was really in agony. This was a real problem since I’m a professional writer! In addition to severe pain, I also experienced tingling and numbness in my left hand. Dr. Grandi identified exactly where the injury was and, through a series of about 8-10 adjustments, put me back together. I estimate that I experienced about 50% relief after the first adjustment, and the additional adjustments chipped away at the rest of injury. I still have a small amount of tingling in my left hand, but it is gradually getting better. The most important thing is, I was back working a regular schedule within 2 weeks of starting treatments.

Lea P.

Auto Accident

There I was, stopped at a stoplight when this other car plowed right into my car. The doctor said I had a whiplash, gave me some medications, and sent me to physical therapy. Maybe it got a little better, but not much, and after two months my neck and upper back were still hurting pretty bad. And the headaches were still there, too. The computer work I do for my job was killing me. I had to do something, so I called Windsor Family Chiropractic Center. They got me in that same day. Dr. Grandi adjusted me that very first visit and I felt better right away. I got better and better with more visits and finally Dr. Grandi said I was cured. Their office helped me settle with the insurance company and everything worked out fine. I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Grandi and his office.

Sally W.

Sports Injury

I’m a big time softball player. One time I was diving for the ball at second base and must have twisted or landed wrong because I couldn’t stand up without pain. I had to take myself out of the game, so you know I must have really hurt. Dr. Grandi fixed me up quick and got me back on the field in time for the playoffs. Over the years I’ve suffered a number of other softball injuries. Dr. Grandi always gets me into his office quickly and gets me feeling better fast. I tell all my teammates to go see Dr. Grandi if they get hurt, especially if it’s close to playoff time.

Brian S.

Stomach Problems

I first came to Windsor Family Chiropractic Center for shoulder blade pain. On the first visit Dr. Grandi poked around on my back and asked a lot of questions that didn’t make any sense to me. He asked if I ever had heartburn, gas, bloating, or even acid reflux. I had to admit that I’ve dealt with stomach/digestive problems for many years. I’m wondering how he even knew to ask about these problems because I never said anything about them. Dr. Grandi then explained how the nerves that come out of the middle back go to the stomach and intestines. And how if those nerves are being pinched, they can cause stomach problems. I was a little skeptical, but in a couple months when I had no stomach/digestive problems at all, I became a believer. Oh, by the way, he fixed my shoulder blade pain too.

Celeste H.

Carpal Tunnel

I’m a body builder so I hate to admit this, but my carpal tunnel got so bad I couldn’t even do my upper body workout. Both my hands would get so painful and tingling and pins-and-needles that I could not even hold the bar. Heck, even hanging onto the steering wheel of my car for my 30-minute commute every morning would cause my hands to act up. My doctor said I needed surgery on both wrists. I was scheduled for bilateral carpal tunnel surgery when I decided to give Dr. Grandi a try. He didn’t promise to cure me, but said let’s give it our best shot. He didn’t work on my wrists; he worked only on my neck. Dr. Grandi said the nerves that come out of the neck travel down the arms and into the hands. He said that if those nerves are pinched just the wrong way they can cause pain and tingling in the hands; carpal tunnel. He must have been right because in a month I was about 50% better and in about two months I was all the way better. I never did have the surgery and the carpal tunnel has never returned. Give Dr. Grandi a try.

David L.

Honest and Caring

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Grandi’s for more than 10 years and have always found relief from his adjustments. In addition to his knowledge, he genuinely cares about his patients and is completely honest. If he feels he can’t help you, he’ll tell you. You can trust him with your entire family. Plus, individual treatments are surprisingly affordable and he does not sell you services you don’t need, or require treatment contracts as so many chiropractors demand.

Lea P.

Hip Pain

I used to have a sharp pain in my right hip that felt like a hot poker was being jabbed into my hip. It got to the point where I could barely walk due to the pain. Dr. Grandi performed a complete exam and then started working on my back and hip. Soon I could walk longer without pain. Now I haven’t had any hip pain in about a year. Thank you, Dr. Grandi.

Phillip F.

Heel Pain

When it was bad, my heel pain was so painful I could hardly walk. Grocery shopping was agony. I would try to lean on the shopping cart to take the weight off my heel. I had gone to the medical doctor who tried drugs and finally a cortisone injection. That didn’t help. The foot doctor made an impression of my foot and ordered a $250 pair of orthotics. That didn’t help that much either. As a last resort, I decided to go to a chiropractor. I’m lucky I found Dr. Grandi. He’s a miracle worker. He adjusted my heel and I felt a little relief after the first time. After a few more adjustments, the pain was much, much less. Soon the pain was gone. Now, if the heel pain starts to come back, I go in and see Dr. Grandi right away. I don’t ever want the pain to get as bad as it was in the beginning.

Pam T.

Arm Pain, Numbness and Tingling

It started out as a little neck pain once in a while. Over time it got worse until I started to feel pain in the shoulder and down the arm. It got worse and worse and I had trouble doing my job. But when the pain turned to numbness and tingling down my arm and into my hand, I knew I had to do something. My sister recommended Dr. Grandi and I’m glad she did. Dr. Grandi asked a bunch of questions, checked out my neck and arm, and then took an x-ray. He found that the nerve coming out of my neck and going down my arm was pinched and causing the pain and tingling. With chiropractic care the numbness and tingling are all gone. I come in to get adjusted every so often to make sure the numbness and tingling stay away.

Paul D.


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