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About Us

Dr. Beau Rhodes attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California. After his graduation, he and his wife, Beth, visited Windsor and loved the quality of life here. They sold their home in San Jose and relocated here with their family, which includes three young children.

Regain Your Healthy Lifestyle With Us

At Windsor Family Chiropractic, Dr. Rhodes and his team keep things simple: they provide the power of precise chiropractic care. When you get adjusted, we can restore your ideal functional wellness. Your care with us is designed for your longevity and performance. Though anyone is welcome at our chiropractic office, you will be treated like we would an elite athlete who needs to perform at their highest capacity.

With a background in fitness long before he became a chiropractor, Dr. Rhodes loves working with people who want to become more active or maintain their well-being. We see area families, pregnant women, children and athletes. When you become our patient, you’ll be addresses as the unique individual you are. Together, we’ll create a plan to make positive changes in your life.

Our Philosophy

It’s our aim to restore the function of your nervous system. The road to recovery and optimal performance bridges the gap between disease, aging and quality of life. A person is neither sick not well, but continually in flux with an ever-changing physiological status. Our solution is to educate, diagnostic, educate and formulate simple individualized wellness plans to monitor and improve human performance.

We Want to Increase Your Quality of Life

One of Dr. Rhodes’ patients was a woman in her 70s with extreme knee pain. She was unable to walk without a cane. After a consultation and examination, Dr. Rhodes ruled out her knee as the source of the problem. Though she didn’t have pain in her low back, she was adjusted there. By the next visit, she walked into our office without a cane. Following her third visit, Dr. Rhodes incorporated simple body weight exercises to help her further.

The woman says she went from a completely sedentary way of living to getting stronger and increasing her overall life quality. We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you!

Your Insurance Provider

We are one of few doctors in town that accept insurance. You can use your coverage with us. We also take worker’s compensation cases, Veteran’s Affairs and Medicare. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Rhodes!

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