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Meet Dr. Beau Rhodes

Chiropractor Windsor, Dr. Beau RhodesUnderstanding How to Meet Others’ Needs

Dr. Rhodes’ first job was as a strength coach. As he grew his network, he realized his clients needed a form of treatment rather than exercises. “I saw a gap between what people wanted and what they actually need. Today, I try to find those gaps in a person’s everyday life and help them find more balance.”

Interested in providing his clients with more, his training morphed into more of a focus on rehabilitation. His everlasting pursuit of knowledge inspired him to achieve more than his movement-based profession. Chiropractic was the clear choice.

Comprehensive Education and Training

To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Rhodes attended Palmer College of Chiropractic West. While there, he had the good fortune to learn from professor Dr. John Quitoriano. This professor was an expert in the Gonstead Technique, which Dr. Rhodes had great success with in addressing his own back pain. After a single adjustment from Dr. Quitoriano, Dr. Rhodes said, “I’m going to do what you do.”

He uses this technique to find the root cause of his patient’s concerns and addresses them with precision.

I love the fulfillment of having a positive impact on a person’s health. if we change the way we think, we change the way we move and change the way we feel.

Dr. Rhodes is certified in Functional Movement Systems and Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. He has studied with the McKenzie Institute® and has over 100 hours of training in the Gonstead Technique.

An Active, Family-Oriented Lifestyle

As a former collegiate rugby and football player, Dr. Rhodes is passionate about health, nutrition and physical fitness. He was an elite junior triathlete and is training for the next IRONMAN®. His hobbies include surfing and working out with kettlebells.

None of this would be possible without Dr. Rhodes’ wife, Beth. They have three children together: Olive, Adeline and Augustus. They love to go on adventures, take walks play soccer, basketball and spend time on the beach.

We Have Same-Day Visits

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